Our unique play based curriculum is designed to get children involved with experiences that enhance their learning in areas such as social, emotional, cognition, language, literacy, physical, and the arts, which cover the six domains of child development. Teachers develop and adapt individual programs by observing and listening to your children. Through this emergent curriculum plan, and the use of high quality materials and resources, children are given the opportunity to decide what they would like to learn, which builds a foundation for success and life-long learning.

Our goal at Engaging Minds Child Care is to create a safe, secure and warm environment, where your child will develop independence, confidence and a positive sense of themselves and the world around them. With the care, respect and love we provide, children can develop to their full potential.

Infants learn about the world around them through their senses, which is why exploration is critical to their development. Everything is new to them and even the simplest activities encourage imagination and curiosity. Infants are encouraged to explore cause and effect in order for their problem solving skills to develop. Nurturing caregivers support the child while they explore, encouraging them to experience all there is to offer, whether it’s through finger painting, playing with blocks, listening to songs or engaging in story-time. Infants need to feel socially safe in their environment. We at Engaging Minds Child Care provide a secure setting that are full of toys which make sounds, have textures which can be mouthed and offer a range of sensory experiences. Self-help skills are fostered through various ways such as feeding, crawling and walking, and various group and individual activities. Group interaction is encouraged to promote language and social skills. Children between the ages of 4 and 18 months have the wonderful opportunity to participate in our infant program. Our teacher to child ratio for this program is 1:3
Teachers at Engaging Minds Child Care offer toddlers the freedom to explore in a safe and stimulating environment. As they strive for independence, our teachers are there to help support their quest for individuality. As a result, self-directed play is one of the primary focuses of this program. We offer toddlers with opportunities for socialization and confidence building, which lay the foundation of learning. Class time focuses on gross motor skills, language development, self-help skills, socialization, sensory awareness and much more while providing lots of time for playing together. Children between the ages of 18 months and 2.5 years participate in our toddler program. Our teacher to child ratio for this program is 1:5. Each child will be provided with three healthy snacks and a hot lunch each day. A nap or rest period will also be provided for two hours each day. We provide a toilet training routine and a daily charting system to assist parents.
Our preschool program transitions the foundation learned as toddlers to learning and developing a large host of new skills including writing, name recognition, counting, building, creativity, colors, shapes, positioning, patterning, sequencing, vocabulary, listening and much more. We also ensure that there is plenty of time for running, jumping, climbing, dancing and developing social skills by functioning as part of a group. All of these skills are presented in a fun-filled way both inside the classroom and out in the playground. The Pre-school Program mainly focuses on structure and developing autonomy, with an emphasis on cognitive learning such as number and letter recognition introduced through puzzles and games. The Pre-school Program provides a foundation for learning many new concepts and incorporates elements to promote sharing and mutual respect. Children are also involved in music, art, drama, pretend play and creative movement exercises which all help them explore new things about themselves and their environment. Children between the ages of 2.5 years and 6 years participate in our preschool program. Our teacher to child ratio for this program is 1:8. Each child will be provided with 3 healthy snacks and a hot lunch each day.